Tooth Colored White Dental Fillings

What are Tooth Colored White Dental Fillings?

A dental filling is a restoration that replaces areas in a tooth that have become decayed. If your child has one or more cavities, the decay will be removed and a composite resin (tooth-colored) filling will be put in its place. Composite fillings are mercury free. Fillings are essential for stopping the spread of decay, which can lead to the eventual need for more extensive treatment such as extraction. They typically last for many years before replacement may be needed.

Why is a Dental Filling necessary?

Most often, a filling is needed because your child has a cavity. The decay in the tooth is carefully and fully removed before the actual filling is placed. We recommend having fillings placed as soon as a cavity is discovered. This prevents the cavity from getting bigger, requiring a larger filling, more extensive treatment such as a root canal or extraction.
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Who is a good candidate for Tooth Colored White Dental Fillings?

We will perform an examination to determine if your child has a cavity. X-rays are usually needed to further identify areas of decay prior to a filling being done. Fillings can be easily placed for both pediatric and adult teeth. They are essential for stopping the spread of decay and preventing future oral issues.

What happened during the Tooth Colored White Dental Filling procedure?

Your child will receive an anesthetic helping to keep them comfortable during the procedure. The tooth is isolated with a barrier. As they watch a movie on the ceiling, we work to remove the decay from the tooth, a composite resin is placed inside the tooth, the filling is cured and sealed. Adjustments are made to make the bite more comfortable, the filling is then polished and now the tooth is healthy and free of decay. If there are multiple cavities in the same area, they can be done in the same visit decreasing the number of visits needed. This procedure is done quickly for your child, everything is explained in kid friendly terms. We often have kids looking forward to coming back to our office after this procedure. If you think your child might need a dental filling and want to come into the office for an exam, call us today and we can help answer all of your questions.

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