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5 Tips to Help Prevent Fear for Kids at the Dental Office

The first trip to the dentist for a child can be a fearful experience.  A new environment with funny reclining chairs and bright lights, with people looking in your mouth is enough to frighten anyone.  As a parent, there are things you can do to prepare your child.  This article gives 5 tips to help prevent fear for kids at the dental office.

Natural Teeth Whitening: Fact vs. Fiction

-adapted from the ADA

When it comes to teeth whitening, you may see many different methods featured online and in magazines—from oil pulling to charcoal, and even turmeric. It’s no surprise that DIY whitening is top of mind, either. When the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry asked people what they’d most like to improve their smile,

Shark Teeth: Eruption of a Front Permanent Tooth Behind a Baby Tooth

It is night time, my six year old daughter is standing on a stool in front of the bathroom sink.  I just finished brushing her teeth.  I am looking at the same situation I noticed a month ago.  A permanent lower front tooth is erupting behind the baby tooth.  Every night I test the mobility of the baby tooth and I ask myself a question every parent must ask,

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Party at the Oceanside Library

Did you know Dr. Seuss would be 113 this year?  While he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on in the pages of his books. He forever changed the way children’s books were written and continues to inspire generations.

The Oceanside Public Library invites families and children of all ages to celebrate Dr.

How to Make Brushing Fun

Our family is all about structure.  Every night we do the B’s: bath, brush, book, bed.  Routine works quite well with our children.  So much so, that when the grandparents are in town, or the babysitter is over, the children are extra vigilant about bringing them into the loop and educating them on the importance of brushing their teeth.