2min2x Kids Healthy Mouth Campaign

In August 2012, the Ad Council launched a TV, radio, and digital campaign called Kids Healthy Mouth.  Advertisements were in English and Spanish, discussing the importance of encouraging children to brush for two minutes each day, twice a day.  Over 33 million dollars of media time was donated for the campaign.  The website 2min2x.org was developed and is dynamic with plenty of resources for parents and children. 

How to Make Brushing Fun

Our family is all about structure.  Every night we do the B’s: bath, brush, book, bed.  Routine works quite well with our children.  So much so, that when the grandparents are in town, or the babysitter is over, the children are extra vigilant about bringing them into the loop and educating them on the importance of brushing their teeth.

kid with cape banner image

At What Age Should a Child’s First Dental Visit Be?

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon, and I am swimming with my children at our community pool.

As the kids play with other children, the parents mingle and talk about the past week.  Often when people find out that I am a pediatric dentist the question arises, “at what age should I bring my child for their first dental visit?”

I love this question!