Oral Sedation

What is Oral Sedation?

Oral Sedation in the pediatric dentistry setting involves the patient taking a small amount of medication designed to relax and calm your child for work to safely be completed. Medication is mixed in a small cup and is flavored. This sedation option is available to kids usually older then 4 years old and is not designed to make your child sleep, rather just to help them relax and aid in cooperation.

Why would Oral Sedation be needed?

There are several reasons why your child might benefit from oral sedation. First, we might recommend this option if your child is nervous due to age or past dental experience. Second, we might recommend this option if your child has multiple teeth to be treated. This type of sedation allows for more work to be completed during treatment time. Our overall goal is to create the best experience for your child while safely completing treatment. While we have a high rate of success using Oral Sedation, some children may still need a deeper level of sedation in order to complete treatment.


Who is a candidate for Oral Sedation?

During the evaluation appointment, Dr. Chris will carefully review x-rays as well as the recommended treatment plan with the parent. An evaluation of the patient’s airway as well as medical history will take place. If Oral Sedation is recommended, the process will be discussed with parents and all questions are answered.

What happens during Oral Sedation?

The morning of the appointment, the medical history is again reviewed with the parent, Dr. Chris will thoroughly evaluate the patient and answer any questions the parent or child might have. The patient will drink a small amount of medication, then the parent and child will wait 45 minutes to 60 minutes for maximum effect. Once ready, we will escort your child with a parent to our treatment room. After your child has picked a movie to watch, we attach a few monitors to record your child’s vital signs, a low profile scented nasal mask is placed over your child’s nose. Oxygen is initially administered and your child is made comfortable. Slowly, Nitrous is titrated until your child starts to feel the effects. Local Anesthetic is used. Once treatment is complete, the Nitrous is turned off and just Oxygen is administered. Dr. Chris will evaluate the patient to make sure that all vital signs are stable and that the patient can be safely discharged. All post care instructions are reviewed with the parent and all questions are answered.

 If you think your child can benefit using Oral Sedation and want to come into the office for an exam, call us today and we can help answer all of your questions.

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