IV Sedation/General Anesthesia

What is General Anesthesia?

General Anesthesia is safely performed in the dental office by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and his team. All dental work is completed in one setting where the patient is asleep. The patient vital signs are monitored by the anesthesia team, and the patient is kept comfortable during dental treatment. General Anesthesia services are common in Pediatric Dentistry, just as General Anesthesia is used for patient care in tonsil removal, adenoid removal, or insertion of ear tubes by the physician.

Why is General Anesthesia needed?

Some children who have extensive dental needs are not able to safely sit for treatment using minimal sedation. In other cases, some patients have such extensive dental work that multiple sedation appointments would be necessary to complete the work. General Anesthesia is a safe and efficient way of treat extensive dental decay.
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Who is a candidate for General Anesthesia?

Patients who are not able to sit for dental treatment and have dental needs that are progressing are excellent candidates for dental treatment to be completed under General Anesthesia. If you think your child can benefit using General Anesthesia and want to come into the office for an exam, call us today and we can help answer all of your questions.

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