<h2>Why does my child need a Dental Exam?</h2>
The health of your child’s mouth is important to their future oral health. At our pediatric dental office in Carlsbad, CA, Dr. Chris Dixon will examine your child’s overall oral health. He will check their teeth for cavities, gums for periodontal disease, and even look for swollen glands. He will ask about any pain or bleeding they are experiencing with their teeth or gums. Their teeth will be cleaned of tartar and plague buildup. If any problems are encountered, Dr. Chris will work with you on a treatment plan.

<h2>Why your child may need a Root Canal?</h2>
A soft tissue called pulp is contained within the hard structure of teeth and their roots. The pulp is made up of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. If the pulp tissue becomes inflamed or infected, it will need to be removed. The empty area that the removal creates will need to be filled back in. A root canal procedure removes the infected pulp, stops pain, and saves the affected tooth.

<h2>What makes your child a good candidate for a Root Canal?</h2>
Is your child suffering from a bad toothache? Has their jaw become swollen? It might mean that a tooth has abscessed. A root canal will remove the abscess. A bad toothache could also indicate that there is a cavity that needs to be filled. If the cavity is too large for a filling, a root canal may have to be done. A badly damaged tooth may also require a root canal.

<h2>What happens during the procedure for a Root Canal?</h2>
At Peak Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Dixon will numb your child’s gums and remove the infected pulp. The now empty space will be thoroughly cleaned, filled, and sealed. On a future visit, he will attach a crown on the tooth to fully protect it and return it to full functionality.

<h4>If your child is in need of a dental exam, or you would like to inquire more about root canals, please contact our pediatric dental office today in Carlsbad, CA. One of our helpful staff members will be happy to assist you.</h4>