<b>What’s a Dental Filling?</b>
Dental fillings are ideal for kids who have cavities. Cavities can and do happen, and they are often made worse by poor hygiene and an improper diet. We offer mercury-free white fillings in our office as a way to keep your child’s smile healthy and bright. The process to place fillings is very easy and quick.

<b>Why would kids need Dental Fillings?</b>
The reason a child would require a filling is because they have a cavity. Over time, decay can begin to infiltrate the tooth and cause a cavity. If the cavity isn’t treated right away, it’ll eventually require that the tooth be root canaled. This is why we recommend to parents to have their children come in as quickly as possible for a filling to be placed.

<b>What child is the right candidate for Dental Fillings?</b>
The best way for us to determine if a filling is needed is by performing an exam. The exam allows us to see when a filling is required and if a cavity is currently present. Many kids won’t even know that they have a cavity until they come in for an exam. This is why it is important that they come in for routine checkups every six months.

<b>What happens throughout the Dental Filling procedure?</b>
The first part of the appointment begins with an anesthetic. This helps to make the procedure comfortable for your child. The anesthetic will numb the gums and wear off in just a few hours. The cavity and decay is removed from the tooth. The doctor then places the actual tooth-colored composite resin filling. This material is cured and hardened into place, becoming part of the tooth. Most of these fillings have the ability to last for about 10 years, so your child may need to come in after this time so that the old filling material can be replaced with new.

If your child is in need of a dental filling, call us today and we will get them in for an appointment as soon as possible.