Fluoride treatments involve high amounts of fluoride that is applied by a dentist on patient’s teeth. Fluoride treatment reduces the risk of cavities and strengthens your teeth. According to Peak Pediatric Dentistry, fluoride treatment is a painless procedure; thus, child friendly. Dr. Chris advises that children should undergo a fluoride treatment as soon as their milk teeth come in. However, it is always advisable to contact your child’s pediatrician for the best fluoride treatment.
What is the Importance of Fluoride Treatment?
Fluoride treatment is a significant procedure to reduce the development of cavities by fighting the oral bacteria causing. In most cases, the fluoride procedure will help in prolonging the life of the milk teeth. Besides, fluoride treatment helps in strengthening your child’s enamel making it more resistant to decay. It is a painless oral treatment making it comfortable for children.
Who is a good candidate for the Fluoride Treatment procedure?
Most children are ideal candidates for fluoride treatments as they are at a high risk of developing gum diseases. Fluoride treatment is highly recommended to children under six years. At this age, children don’t have a strict regimen to keep their teeth healthy. Children who have undergone dental treatment like braces require fluoride treatment to reduce the formation of bacteria on the treated area. In some cases, a child might have a dry mouth, and our pediatrician, Dr. Dixon, may prescribe special fluoride toothpaste with fluoride concentration.
What is the procedure of the Fluoride Treatment procedure?
Here the pediatrician uses a small amount of fluoride in the form of a gel. First, the pediatrician will apply the fluoride gel to the child’s teeth using a soft brush. Then he or she will allow the fluoride to dry and sink deep into the teeth. This time, the child is not allowed to drink or eat for up to 30 minutes. This is to ensure the fluoride is absorbed in the teeth and repair microscopic areas of decay. If your child is at a higher risk of developing caries, measures like special fluoride mouth rinse may be recommended. According to Dr. Chris Dixon, children should have fluoride treatments regularly to protect vulnerable baby teeth.
So, if your child needs fluoride treatments don’t hesitate to give us an early call. We will be happy to offer your child customized dental services.