Having a straight set of teeth is important for anyone that wants to have a nice smile. While some people have have this naturally, others need professional orthodontics in order to have the smile that they want.

What is orthodontics?
Overall, orthodontics is considered the form of dental care that focuses on straightening your teeth. Normally, this will require that you have a set of braces that are in your mouth for well over one year, which are personalized and designed to help straighten your teeth.

Why do you need orthodontics?
You will need to have orthodontics if you would like to straighten your teeth. While this is often a good procedure for cosmetic purposes, there are also situations when you need it to protect your teeth. If your teeth are growing in a direction that could cause damage, orthodontics will be needed to fix and avoid the issue.

What makes someone a good candidate for orthodontics?
Anyone that would like to have straighter teeth would be a good candidate for orthodontics. However, in order to qualify for orthodontics, your teeth will need to be healthy. Those that have severe dental or gum issues or sensitivity may not have a good experience with orthodontics.

What happens during the procedure for orthodontics?
If you do receive orthodontics, the process can be a long one. Generally, it will start with a visit to a local orthodontist. When you are there, they will provide an evaluation and a plan and timeline that can be followed going forward. Shortly after the evaluation, the orthodontist will place braces on your teeth, which can then be tightened and altered as time goes on. These will slowly move your teeth into the right position. The whole process can take well over a year and will vary from one person to the next.

If you are in need of orthodontics, it is important to give us a call as soon as you can. We can answer any questions that you have about orthodontics and the process. We can also schedule an appointment to start your orthodontics process today.