As we all know, milk teeth do not stay in the mouth for long, but it’s essential to know their lifespan is limited. Keeping your child’s milk teeth healthy until they fall out will help your kids’ permanent teeth grow into proper position. However, most children are at risk of developing dental problems like cavities. With dental crowns treatment procedure, they can maintain milk teeth in good health until they fall out.
What is the importance of Dental Crowns in children?
At Peak Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend dental crowns to protect children milk teeth from decay. In some cases, dental crowns improve child’s tooth appearance by enhancing its shape and color. Besides, dental crowns are long-term options, as they are durable to last up to 15 years. According to Dr. Chris, the dental crown in children has a high success rate.
Which child is a good candidate for the Dental crowns procedure?
According to our dental team, children under the age of 2 to 5 are mostly affected by tooth decay are fit for dental crowns. We recommend parents to protect their children from such oral issues with dental crowns to avoid future problems that may require more invasive treatment. We consider your child an ideal candidate for dental crowns if she/he has a damaged tooth that cannot be restored by filling. Besides, you may consider dental crowns for your child if their teeth are discolored.
What is the process of Dental Crowns in children?
Dental crowns treatment can either be same-day crowns or multi-day crowns. First, the dentist examines the tooth to be worked on using X-rays. The pediatrician will trim the tooth surface to remove some enamel to allow the crown to bond perfectly with the tooth. An impression of your child is taken to mold the crown. At this point, the pediatrician will use a temporary crown that will protect the tooth until the permanent crown is ready. At the second appointment, the pediatrician will remove the temporary crown and fix it the permanent one. The crowns can last up to 15 years.
If you think that your child needs a dental crown treatment or you would like to inquire more about the procedure, call our pediatric office, and one of our staff members will assist you.