Behavior Management

What is Behavior Guidance?

Safe and effective dental treatment relies on the cooperation and communication of the dental team, patient and family. Behavior guidance is the process that is used to help safely deliver that care and work with a child to help build their self-confidence in the dental setting.

What are the Goals of Behavior Guidance?

The process of behavior guidance is dependent on the communication pathway between the dentist and dental team, the patient, and the parent. The goals are to reduce fear and anxiety, delivery quality care, but most importantly, to promote a positive dental experience thereby creating lifelong confidence in the dental setting.
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What are some techniques of behavior guidance?

There are many different types of techniques when it comes to behavior guidance. Dr. Chris and team love the Tell-Show-Do technique, using kid friendly terms to explain what is going to happen, then show them in a non-threatening way, then do by completing the procedure. Positive reinforcement is another technique that is constantly used, usually with great success. Distraction is a technique that can help a child during a dental appointment, TV’s over each chair definitely help to achieve this goal. If you think your child can benefit using behavior guidance techniques and want to come into the office for an exam, call us today and we can help answer all of your questions.

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