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How Did Dr. Chris Choose Pediatric Dentistry?

This question is asked quite often.  Whenever I am asked, I stop and think, my answer is always the same and in two parts.

First, I started working with children about the same time we started a family.  I loved being a parent and soon realized that working with kids not only was rewarding, but fun!

The second part of the answer was more in-depth.

After dental school, I decided to further my training as a General Dentist.   I was accepted into a one-year residency in Advanced General Dentistry at the University of New Mexico.  After completion, I practiced as a General Dentist seeing adults and kids for 4 years.  During that time, I worked with many ‘’dental phobic” adults.  Many of these patients had dental fears ranging from moderate to severe.  There were times when these fears would become completely debilitating, as a result, the patient would only come and see me when they were in pain.  This was incredibly hard for me to witness.  I realized that the challenge of working with an adult who has a dental phobia was great.  The care I provided for them, no matter how good it was, was never going to change the real fears the patient was experiencing.

With the children I was working with, this was completely different.  It was a clean slate.  I found that by providing a positive and fun treatment experience, children would be less likely to develop dental fears.  I became extremely aware of this responsibility when working with children.  So much so, I felt a calling, that if I could specialize in just seeing children, not only would I be providing excellent dental care, I would be providing that care in the most nurturing and positive environment available.  A chance to make a real difference!

Once it became clear to me that Pediatric Dentistry was my future, we made the decision to move the family to Upstate New York to begin an additional two years in Pediatric Dental residency training, ultimately becoming a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist.

We started Peak Pediatric Dentistry with the mission of providing the best experience for both child and parent.   We built our bright, modern office in Carlsbad to help us accomplish this goal.

Daily, I reflect on my decision to specialize and the enormous responsibility that working with a child brings.  I am so grateful to be a Pediatric Dentist.  Every smile that I receive from a patient returning for an appointment, or when a child greets me in public bragging that I am their dentist, brings great fulfillment and joy to my life.

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