why choose a pediatric dentist

The Specialty of Pediatric Dentistry

Dentistry is a unique profession.  Unlike Medicine, a dentist can graduate from dental school, take the necessary licensing exams, and enter the practice world as a dentist.  If one wishes to specialize, a dentist must first graduate from a dental school (usually 4 years), then apply to a specialty residency program that typically will be 2-4 years in length.  A specialty such as Pediatric Dentistry can be 2-3 years of additional training after dental school.

The pediatric dental resident will spend time in an intensive program of didactic learning as well as active patient care.  Regular scheduled lectures are on topics such as: Oral Disease Prevention, Epidemiology, Cariology, Clinical Pediatric Dentistry, and Growth and Development of the child.  Additional lectures are focused on Behavior Management, Pediatric Pharmacology, Pathology, Pulp Therapy, Head and Neck Trauma, Dental Care for Special Needs and the Medically Compromised Patient, and Physical Diagnosis of the Pediatric Patient.  Monthly rotations in the hospital will include rotations in the Departments of Anesthesiology, Pediatric Medicine, and Emergency Medicine.  Weekly full mouth dental rehabilitation cases are completed under general anesthesia in the hospital operating room.

The pediatric dental resident learns to become comfortable in the hospital setting.  Once all of the requirements are achieved, the pediatric dental resident is eligible to present a mandatory research project; after completion, a pediatric dentistry certificate is granted.

Children have unique dental needs, Dr. Chris being a board certified Pediatric Dentist, is aware of those needs and looks forward to the opportunity of treating children in the community.  Appointments are available, call to schedule your child’s exam and hygiene appointment and see what makes Peak Pediatric Dentistry different.