Children’s Oral Hygiene, To Floss Or Not To Floss, That Is The Question!

I have the most fantastic patient in the chair and we have just finished an exam.  She has beautiful teeth with no space between her back teeth. Now I must review the x-rays.  Bitewing x-rays are great when the back teeth are pushing together.  They allow us to see if there are cavities in between teeth, often a place where food gets stuck.  I see cavities on the x-rays!

After showing the parents the x-rays, many parents often reply, “but we are very good about brushing, in fact we brush every morning and every evening before going to bed.”  My response, “How is the flossing?”  The answer is usually written on their faces, “we haven’t really started that yet,” or “we try but it is quite a struggle!”

Lets face it, as a parent, flossing a child’s teeth is not easy.  With a check list of things a parent has to do at the end of the day, flossing can become quite a challenge, to say the least! This is why for my patients, I try to recommend products that I have had success with as a parent in hopes of making flossing easier on a daily basis.

My recommendation is to use individual children’s flossers.  My favorites are the Dentak brand, and here is why:

  • The floss is coated with fluoride.
  • The floss passes between the teeth with ease.
  • They are relatively inexpensive.
  • They come in multiple colors and are fun.

Another notable brand that I have used at home are from Oral B.  Many times, we have run out of the flossers at home.  I have tried using regular floss when this happens and its almost impossible with a younger, mobile child.

Ultimately I recommend parents try a few brands to find out what works best for them.  Flossing is not only important in preventing cavities as a child, but becomes very important in preventing gum disease as children move from their teenage years into adulthood.

Make an appointment today at Peak Pediatric Dentistry to discuss your child’s oral hygiene.  We will complete an exam and cleaning, give some thoughtful suggestions on how to floss, and send your little one home with a tooth brushing kit and flossers!