2min2x Kids Healthy Mouth Campaign

In August 2012, the Ad Council launched a TV, radio, and digital campaign called Kids Healthy Mouth.  Advertisements were in English and Spanish, discussing the importance of encouraging children to brush for two minutes each day, twice a day.  Over 33 million dollars of media time was donated for the campaign.  The website 2min2x.org was developed and is dynamic with plenty of resources for parents and children.  Information consistent with the guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry on oral hygiene such as brushing technique, toothpaste use, and flossing is discussed.  Instructional videos are provided demonstrating how to brush and floss, as well as the describing the importance of receiving periodic exams by a dental provider.

Two minute videos are posted for kids to watch while brushing.  Videos range from cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes, characters from Sesame Street, as well as rock and rap music videos.  The Stop Zombie Mouth cartoon is definitely worth watching!  Additional resources are available to help parents with dental eruption, pacifier and bottle use, and nutrition.  Links are provided to various organizations that can help people make oral health choices concerning their children.  The website is very easy to navigate and designed to be both informational and fun.

According to a study referenced by the Ad Council, since the launch of the campaign, 1.3 million people have visited website.  More parents report that their kids are brushing for two minutes, twice a day than before the start of the campaign.  The campaign has proven to be so successful that new applications have been developed to offer oral health tips via cell phones.  The digital campaign is proven to be most successful and an excellent way to pass information to children and their parents regarding oral hygiene.

As a Pediatric Dentist, I pass this website onto my patient’s all the time.  Anything that helps make oral hygiene fun, we support.  Make an appointment today at Peak Pediatric Dentistry, let us show you how fun taking care of your teeth can be!