How to Make Brushing Fun

Our family is all about structure.  Every night we do the B’s: bath, brush, book, bed.  Routine works quite well with our children.  So much so, that when the grandparents are in town, or the babysitter is over, the children are extra vigilant about bringing them into the loop and educating them on the importance of brushing their teeth.

AAPD Vice President Dr. Edward Moody recently shared some tips on making brushing more fun for children.  He suggests modeling, allowing kids to see their older siblings brush, or having a parent brush with their children and using slow exaggerated brush strokes.  Toothbrushes that are themed with fun colors can also be quite helpful in motivating a child to brush.  I couldn’t agree more.  In fact we still use many of these techniques in our own home.

On a daily basis, I hear stories from my patient’s parents on resistance they face when they try to brush their child’s teeth.  Sometimes I see frustration on their face because of battles they have lost.

I enjoy sharing with parents techniques that I have found to be successful at home. There are products that I find easier to use making oral hygiene a little more fun.  Brushing can be fun, especially when mixed with a structured daily routine, the results can be alarming!  Sometimes you will find that children cannot go to sleep without first brushing their pearly whites.

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