Should We Let Baby Teeth Fall Out Naturally?

By Katherine Lee adapted from an article written for

That baby tooth is loose, should you have the dentist extract the tooth?  The answer is no.

Pediatric Dentists recommend letting the baby tooth fall out naturally.  Kids can definitely wiggle the tooth to help it along.  Ed Moody, DDS President of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry says, “as the permanent tooth comes up, it erodes the baby tooth root.”  The end result is that the baby tooth becomes loose, eventually the baby tooth falls out.

There are a few times where the dentist may need to intervene.  If the permanent tooth is starting to come in and the baby tooth isn’t loose, or if a sharp edge  is pinching the gum.  Dr. Moody recommends trying some Orajel in the case of the pinching gum and have the child wiggle the tooth as much as possible.  Its perfectly fine to let nature take its course allowing kids to naturally loose their teeth.

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